• Location: Dhaka
  • Area: 8,000 Sqm
  • Year: 2016
  • Lead: Gautam/ Studio Project
  • Scope: Final Year Tesis Project

Interactive museum for parliament is a participatory platform for mass people which will provide them with opportunities of formal and informal learning of the parliamentary procedure through experiential journey.

Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban is the icon of Bangladeshi nationalism. Along with its iconic characteristics, its timeless quality reforms our perspective of public liberty and democracy. But it’s apparent that, to some extent it plays the icon of power. Also, from history, we can see that unconstitutional rulers used the icon to justify
their regime which was done by reforming the constitution. As a hypothetical project, main focus of the project is to design supportive functions to enable public participation in legislative
procedures. Also, as a part of social and urban realm, some ideas are materialized to increase its urban connectivity and provide a urban space for mass gathering and interaction.

From a conceptual perspective, the project is explained through Dualism theories. Material dualism and political dualism is rationalized to form architectural features whereas Hegel’s Dialectic is rationalized to justify the need of the museum. in current social-political context.

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