Kaliakoir Hi-Tech park

  • Location: Kaliakoir, Gazipur
  • Area: 355 Acre/ 1,436,634 sqm
  • Year: 2020
  • Lead: Vitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd.
  • Scope: Project Architect

As an architect and consultant for the Government of
Bangladesh, I had the privilege to contribute to the
visionary project of Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park. Tasked with
designing and developing a sprawling 355-acre land
area, our team embarked on a journey to blend
innovation with sustainability while addressing pressing
environmental concerns.
At the onset, we were confronted with the challenge of
rampant biodiversity destruction due to unplanned land
development. Recognizing the urgency of preserving the
local ecosystem, we conducted meticulous studies to
understand the intricate balance of the area’s
biodiversity. Our solution was to integrate an
interconnected waterbody, serving as the lifeline of the
project, which gracefully meanders through the entire
site. This not only rejuvenated the natural surroundings
but also became the focal point of our redesign efforts.
Incorporating existing developments seamlessly into our
plan, we envisioned a cohesive landscape where nature
and technology harmonize. The strategic placement of
infrastructure, including roads, footpaths, and utility
systems, was meticulously crafted to enhance
accessibility while minimizing environmental impact.
A critical aspect of our design was the mitigation of
seasonal flooding, which had plagued the area. By
leveraging the integrated waterbody and implementing
comprehensive drainage solutions, we effectively
managed flood risks, ensuring the project’s resilience in
the face of natural challenges.
Beyond the physical design, my responsibilities
extended to developing frameworks and policies for the
project’s sustainable growth over the next decade. This
involved land allocation planning, vetting proposed
development plans, and collaborating with various
stakeholders to ensure alignment with our overarching
Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park stands as a testament to the
transformative power of thoughtful design and
collaborative effort. It is not merely a technological hub
but a symbol of our commitment to responsible
development and environmental stewardship.

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