IDCOL Green Tower

  • Location: Dhaka
  • Area: 6800 Sqm
  • Year: 2019
  • Lead: Studio Morphogenesis Ltd.
  • Scope: Project Architect

Step into a world of architectural ingenuity as the latest triumph of office intervention 2019, a national design contest kicked off the creation of the IDCOL Head
Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As part of Studio Morphogenesis Ltd., I contributed to crafting a space that balanced practicality, eco-friendliness, and style. Our careful attention to detail and eco-friendly ideas won us the respected LEED Gold certification, showing our commitment to being environmentally responsible.

As a key team member, I helped shape our entry’s look, choosing a simple black and white style that impressed the judges. Winning the contest was the result of our team’s hard work and dedication. Now, we’re busy getting detailed plans ready for construction, laying the groundwork for a building that’s both modern and environmentally friendly. Approaching from the west end of the road, one can feel the verticality of the
structure, the slenderness of the form. Oone can enjoy the entrance through the lobby and the controlled reception area to maintain a secured circulation. Multipurpose hall situated nearest to the ground for easy access. The interactive spaces like the dining, gym and the play rooms are placed in between the main office floors for creating a walking community inside the office. The majority of the work force are concentrated around this common functional spaces.r design unfolds in Square Group’s Dhaka office. Meticulously crafted by a talented team, the visionary workspace breaks free from convention, embracing innovation and community values at its core. With an open and collaborative layout that encourages seamless communication, the office cultivates an environment of productivity and creativity.

Abundant natural light cascades through strategically positioned windows, accompanied by lush indoor green spaces that invigorate and elevate well-being. Through a masterful fusion of contemporary elements with cultural traditions and smart technology integration, this transformative design reflects Square Group’s commitment to progress, creating an inspiring and dynamic workspace at the heart of Dhaka.

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